The reality star explains exactly what caused him to change his tune.

Former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Peter Thomas recently came under fire after he took to social media to ridicule “Black as f**k” women who choose to wear blonde wigs.

As expected — and fully warranted — his ignorant comments were met with tons of backlash, which prompted him to issue an apology to those whom he had offended.

In the Instagram video that prompted the outrage, Thomas directly addressed Black women with darker complexions who rock the particular hairstyle.

“Everything is not for everyone, all style don’t fit everyone,” he said. “Rock with what you know look good on you before you walk out of your house.”

The last straw for many came when Cynthia Bailey’s notoriously opinionated ex added, “Don’t make us look crazy.”

Take a look at the post, below:

Two days after the post went live, and noticing the spirited reactions from various women who found issue with his comments, Thomas returned to Instagram to apologize, claiming he was inspired to change his tune after talking with a few of his “sisters.”