A racist North Dakota white woman has been dubbed ‘Virgin Island Vicky’ after a video went viral of her shouting her love for Trump while calling black people ‘n*****s.’

Video posted by Tariq Nasheed on Friday shows the obnoxious woman going on her expletive rant while a man in the background can be heard trying to quiet her down, The Daily Mail reports.

‘Vicky’ – whose real name is Mickey Tronson – can be seen near a pool when she starts her rant. The woman’s Facebook page has since been deleted.

‘Don’t like n*****s. President Trump, whoo! Obama? F**k you, motherf*****g n****r,’ she can be heard shouting. A man in the background can be heard trying to get the woman to be quiet. 

The clip later cuts to the woman on the boat and she makes it clear that her rant is far from over. 

She added: ‘You’re recording it? Put it all over Facebook. F**k these motherf*****g n*****s. I hate them. I hate n*****s. Hate them with a passion.’ 

The man from earlier can be heard trying to get Tronson to be quiet, yet again. 

Edwin Lewis, a local resident, commented under the video that he ‘seriously thought about pushing her in the water’. He added that the woman was ‘worse on the beach’.

Lewis also posted a photo of a man he said was with the woman – named Troy Strube. Strube, from Minot, still had his Facebook active and included photos of him and Tronson.  

Strube’s list that he is retired from Delta Air Lines on his Facebook page. 

The entrepreneur later shared that ‘police escorted’ the woman ‘out of there,’ before sharing more thoughts about Tronson’s behavior.