A War Of Words: Black Female Passenger Refuses to Back Down After Uber Driver Unleashes Racist Remarks [VIDEO]

A war of words ensued between a white Uber driver and his Black passenger, as the two hurled slurs, racist stereotypes and personal insults at one another during a bizarre car ride shared on Facebook.

Their spat allegedly began when the driver, identified by his Uber profile as Timothy, had trouble navigating his GPS map during their ride through Davenport, Iowa.

A disoriented Timothy went the wrong way down a one-way street twice, White said, which sparked the verbal battle.

Things escalated fast as Timothy “went in” on White, unleashing a full-on racist tirade in which he dubbed her a “whore” and suggested she get up and “swing on the f—–g pole for me — that’s all you people are good for.”

At one point, the driver even starts taunting his passenger with monkey noises and calls her the N-word several times.

“Now get outta my f—–g car and go suck on some god damn rib bones,” he says. “Get out of my car you loud-mouthed, no good (inaudible) …”

On her Facebook page, White noted in the caption,

“My Uber Driver Went In On Me.. All Because He Couldn’t Read His Map & Went Down 2 One Ways & iSaid Idk If Uber Would Like That & He Tried To Put Me Out…. Nooo iPaid U Take Me To My Destination & The Whole Ride He Did Nothing But Say Racist Stuff To Me & Call Me Out My Name Nicole Allen”

See full video HERE

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