R. Kelly Plans to ‘Expose’ Accusers with New Website ‘Surviving Lies’ [Photo + Video]

R. Kelly is fighting back against his accusers for what he says are lies coming from Lifetime’s ‘Surviving R. Kelly.’

Via: TMZ

Sources close to Kelly tell us he and his camp are in the middle of launching a new website called survivinglies.com, which we’re told will attempt to expose all of his accusers as liars as well as reveal their true motivations behind their allegations.

For now … there’s a Facebook page dedicated to the new cause — the site itself is not live yet as of this post.

It appears R. Kelly’s first target is Asante McGee — one of the women featured on “Surviving R. Kelly.” She claims she was one of his “sex slaves” … but R. Kelly’s team has put out a video that they say contradicts her story.

The Facebook page links to a YouTube video which claims Asante’s daughter has debunked her mother’s claims of sexual abuse and control at the hands of Kelly in a leaked phone convo with her BF, allegedly telling him she often raved of a luxurious lifestyle and the perks of being with him.

We have not independently verified the identities of either person in this audio — this is just what R. Kelly’s page is claiming. It also goes on to list Asante’s previous arrests and claims she’s in cahoots with Joycelyn Savage’s father to extort the singer.

R. Kelly can’t read, so we know damn well he’s not up here making websites. Who is really responsible?

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