K. Michelle’s Statement Amid “Surviving R. Kelly” Docuseries Is Surprising

The songstress, who has made allegation of sexual misconduct against R. Kelly in the past, has gone against the grain and chosen to stay out of the public discussion prompted by the documentary series.

Given her own history of claims against Kelly, parts of her following are looking for answers.

K. Michelle took to social media to address the issue uploading a text post that reads:

“Why are we so good at judging other people’s demons when we are so bad at fighting our own?”

Her caption further explains her sentiment.

“I’m over here slaying my own damn demons. I’ve said what I said and there’s nothing more to be said,” stated Kimberly. “I have always and will always stand tall and fight for my black women, you all already know this though. Stop attacking me because my response isn’t what and when YOU think it should be… Let me handle my truth how I feel the need to!”

A few of her fans have spoken up against the apparent hypocrisy. View the singer’s response below.

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