Vigil for Erica Garner was held at the Staten Island Ferry. Protesters saying the facts about Erica.

America is a country heaving with millions of bleeding Black hearts, and until we eradicate the issues of police brutality and an archaic criminal justice system, our hearts will continue to bleed and break from the injustice of it all.

A year ago, on Dec. 30, 2017, Erica Garner passed away from a heart attack at just 27 years old.

She spent the last few years of her life becoming a prominent figure in modern activism after the death of her father, Eric Garner, at the hands of a New York police officer.

“Even with my own heartbreak, when I demand justice, it’s never just for Eric Garner,” Garner wrote in her 2016 op-ed in the Washington Post.

Her father’s fatal encounter with the New York Police Department brought national attention to the unresolved epidemic of violence and subjugation that African Americans disproportionately suffer at the hands of law enforcement, and Erica Garner was a warrior who made it her life’s mission to make sure we never stop having that critical discussion. But more importantly, she wanted those thoughts and feelings to evolve from mundane discourse to actual policy reform, Bustle reports.