A Donald Trump supporter was caught going off on a racist diatribe while on vacation.

“I don’t like n—–,” she said. “President Trump, whooooh. Obama, f— you, you motherf—ing n—-. Are you recording it? Put it on Facebook. F— these motherf—— n——. I hate them.”

The clip was shared by anti-racism activist Tariq Nasheed, and he asked if anyone knows who the woman is.

“Vicky is a Trump supporting white supremacist,” he wrote beneath the video.

“Vicky went on vacation, the U.S. Virgin Island, which is full of Black people, to express how much she ‘hates n—– with a passion.’ Anyone here recognize Vicky from their community?”

The clip has been viewed nearly 200,000 times in just a few short hours. Some folks were angered by the rant and expressed it, others clowned the woman for her sloppy, drunken manner.

“If I looked like this I would probably be hateful as well. I get it,” one person tweeted.