Two albums have been released on Spotify under the artist name Queen Carter – Have Your Way and Back Up, Rewind. A song called “Control” was also released as an individual single.

On Thursday night, a collection of songs from both Beyoncé and SZA surfaced on Spotify and Apple Music, mysteriously labeled as new material. But where did it come from?

Both of the albums feature 10 songs, though it seems these tracks are previously unreleased demos and not recently recorded tunes.

The SZA tracks appeared on Spotify under the name Sister Solana and an album titled Comethru.

“These are random scratches from 2015. Def not new new!” SZA wrote in an Instagram story in response, “But… creative? And Scary? Lol HEARD U THO… I SWEAR the new is coming.”

Beyonce and her team have not yet commented on the surprise release of the new material and it’s not yet known who is behind the drop.

UPDATE: The songs appear to have been removed if you try searching on Spotify.

Via: Just Jared