Remy Ma Gets More Time To Hand Over Financial Docs Pertaining To Tamar Braxton’s Estranged Husband Vincent Herbert

Remy Ma has begun the process to avoid being sanctioned, documents obtained by Atlanta Black Star.

A New York judge had issued a subpoena to require the performer to hand over any documents detailing financial information concerning agreements she and Vince Herbert made in order for LDNX to know exactly what he owes in royalties.

Now, LDNX states the law firm Remy has representing her got in touch with them to ask that the deadline is deferred to January 31, 2019. That way they can have more time to gather the requested information.

The record company is allowing for the extra time as Remy settles into life with a newborn and recovers from a blood transfusion she had following complications from delivery.

Remy wasn’t the only artist subpoena for LDNX’s case against Tamar Braxton’s estranged husband. Lady Gaga was also called on to turn over her documents. After initially not giving a response, Gaga did so in July.

In 2017, LDNX had won a case against Herbert concerning a business agreement that had gone bad but has yet to receive the settlement it is owed. Since then, they’ve been scouring filings to discover Herbert’s income sources in order to recoup the losses.

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