Nicki Minaj Threatens To Sue Former Football Star And ESPN Pundit Over ‘Sex Offender Comments’

Nicki Minaj is NOT happy with a reporter and is now threatening to sue, Love B Scott reports.

Daily Mail reporter is finding himself in the crosshair of Nicki Minaj and her relentless Barbs, as she just issued a statement warning the reporter to lawyer up.

Nicki took to her Instagram to blast Jesse Palmer, the journalist in question, for allegedly lying on her on DailyMailTV.

In addition, the rapper issued a very direct statement on her Twitter, and her fans also echoed the same sentiment, leaving Palmer’s mentions left in shambles.

If you’re wondering what he said, he basically said that this is the second time Nicki’s supported a sex offender. We’re not sure if he was referring to Nicki’s brother or Tekashi — but either way the truth is the truth.

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