Hospital Fires Worker Who Wore Confederate Flag Shirt With Noose To Go Vote

A hospital worker from Mississippi is now among the many individuals filling the unemployment line due to racist, reckless behavior, Essence reports.

Clayton Hickey strolled into his local polling place on Election Day wearing a white t-shirt with a Confederate flag emblazoned on it, with a noose overlaying the image. The words “Mississippi Justice” were also on the shirt framing the flag.

Of course, someone snapped a photo and from there the image went viral. The Twitter detectives went to work to try and figure out who he was and where he worked. At first, Hickey, a former police officer, was wrongly identified as an election worker, but then local media discovered that he worked for Regional One Health in Memphis.

Between Tuesday and Thursday, Regional One Health received an influx of messages, demanding action.

Hickey, who apparently worked as an EMT, was fired, with Regional One Health tweeting out an extensive statement.

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