Really? Columbus Short Makes An Outlandish Claim That Kim Kardashian Is A Witch

Columbus Short has some strong opinions on Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s marriage. In fact, he believes the reality starlet is controlling the rapper in quite a specific way.

According to, the former Scandal star is convinced that Kardashian is a witch and is performing witchcraft on her husband.

Taking to Instagram, the actor blamed Kardashian for the polarizing rapper’s viral comments regarding politics, art and arguably everything else, claiming she has him under a spell.

In the caption of a photo he posted — and has since deleted — of Kim, Kanye and a woman they met while in Uganda, he explained his bizarre logic.

“I post this picture for one reason and one reason only. To expose witchcraft,” he wrote. “This is what it looks like. Its [sic] a unaddressed issue but real and present right now. Both men and women all over the WORLD are unknowingly being tormented by witchcraft. And this is what it looks like. You can call me crazy but i suggest you guys do your research.”

When a commenter, seeking clarity regarding his comments, asked, “So big bro, just so I’m clear, you saying Kim K is a witch, right?,” Short briefly responded, “Correct.”

Both Kim and Kanye are currently in the East African country while the rapper works on his upcoming album, YANDHI, which is set for a Black Friday release.