The caravan of thousands of Honduran migrants wending its way through Mexico has grown more stretched out in the blazing sun, evolving into long lines straggling for miles, AP News reports.

Mexican villagers have organized to offer them water, food and clothing.

Dozens of Mexicans in pickup trucks have pulled over to let 10 or even 20 migrants hop in back.

One of the drivers is Jesus Valdivia, a resident of Tuxtla Chico, Mexico. He says it’s important to help others: “Today it’s for them, tomorrow for us.”

Passing freight trucks were quickly boarded by dozens of migrants, and groaning tuk-tuks carried as many as a half-dozen.

Brenda Sanchez of San Pedro Sula rode in Valdivia’s truck Sunday with three nephews aged 10 to 19. She expressed gratitude to “God and the Mexicans who have helped us.”

Sanchez also had kind words for federal police, who previously had stopped the caravan at the Guatemalan border.

As she put it: “Even though they closed the doors to us, they are coming behind us taking care of us.”

About 500 Mexican federal police are beside a highway that a caravan of Central American migrants is marching along toward the city of Tapachula.

The majority are on buses with their tactical gear. Others have been buying snacks in convenience stores. After settling in at one post well ahead of the caravan, the police then moved back closer to Tapachula.

Officers who would not identify themselves say their instructions are to maintain the flow of traffic, not to stop the caravan. They were not blocking the highway.

Some 5,000 Central American migrants traveling in the caravan left the border at Ciudad Hidalgo at dawn. Most had circumvented Mexican immigration officials and crossed the Suchiate river from Guatemala on rafts or by swimming.