Florida police officers were caught on camera violently restraining a 14-year-old Black girl after she tried to resist arrest, Miami Herald reports.

Many on social media are responding to the violent manner in which the officers dealt with the teen, who was arrested at the Coral Square Mall in Coral Springs.

In cell phone footage, the girl can be seen lying face down on her belly as one uniformed officer punches her while another holds her down, the Miami Herald reports.

The Coral Springs Police Department has responded to the video, claiming that it did not show the entire story.

The teen’s mother told WPLG Local 10 News that the police officers “went completely overboard.”

“I was heartbroken and I couldn’t see her,” said Jessica Dennis. “They just seemed nonchalant. They didn’t care.”

The attempted arrest of some of the teens then led to the incident caught on video after the girl began to “fight and resist arrest,” the statement read.

The police officer said he was forced to take violent action because he was trying to get her to release her clenched fists.

The teen was later taken to the police department before being moved to a Juvenile Assessment Center.