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R. Kelly’s Lawyer Wants To Drop Him Over Allegations He Ruined A Marriage

R. Kelly’s lawyer filed documents asking for permission to drop his client.

He was accused of breaking up a marriage due to an affair he had with a man’s wife. The man revealed plans to grill Kelly over the affair and now, the singer’s lawyer is trying to drop his client.

According to TheBlast, R. Kelly’s lawyer filed documents requesting the judge to allow him to drop the singer in the case where he’s  accused of breaking up a man’s marriage.

M. Craig Robertson pled with the judge that he should be “allowed to discontinue any further legal services and/or representation of Defendants now and/or in the future for reasons to be shown at the hearing of this motion.”

Robertson said that the singer won’t be impacted by his lawyer dropping him, explaining that he has time to search for another lawyer if he wants to get new representation for the case.

Kenny Bryant, the man suing Kelly, accused the singer of having an affair with his wife, which he claims not only broke up his marriage but also ruined his life.

In the state of Mississippi, you could sue someone for breaking up a marriage. Bryant is seeking damages from Kelly for ruining his marriage and depriving him of his spouse, love, support and conjugal affection. Kelly recently responded to the lawsuit in court documents and completely denied ever having an affair with Bryant’s wife.

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