UK Uber Drivers To Stage 24-Hour Strike Over Pay And Conditions

Uber drivers in the U.K. are poised to stage a 24-hour strike starting on Tuesday to protest their pay and conditions.

The Independent Workers Union of Great Britain (IWGB), a union that represents Uber and other gig-economy platforms, said Uber drivers in three U.K. cities will be staging demonstrations outside of the company’s London office during the day-long strike.

The strike was first reported by Tech Crunch.

“Please do not cross the virtual picket line by logging into the Uber app as either a driver or passenger,” the IWGB posted on the event page.

The union said drivers are demanding an increase in fares per mile, a 10 percent reduction in commissions paid to Uber, and improved employment conditions that “respect worker rights for drivers.”

Uber drivers have made appeals to improve working conditions twice in U.K. courts and lost each time.

“After years of watching take-home pay plummet and with management bullying of workers on the rise, workers have been left with no choice but to take strike action,” chairman of an IWGB branch James Farrar told Tech Crunch.

Uber in a statement to Tech Crunch said Uber is “always looking to make improvements to ensure drivers have the best possible experience.”

The ride-hailing company has faced increasing scrutiny over how it treats its drivers around the world. It has come under fire for taking an average of more than 20 percent of drivers’ wages in commission.

Uber and Lyft drivers in multiple U.S. cities, including Chicago, have come together to call for increased driver wages and safety protections.

A recent study by the JP Morgan Chase Institute found that Uber and Lyft drivers made 53 percent less in 2017 than they did in 2013, according to Recode.

Via: The Hill

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