Miss Quad Claps Back At Her Estranged Husband’s Lies & Addresses His Hotel Room Creepin’ [Video]

Miss Quad is responding to the numerous lies her estranged husband’s been peddling in the media.

As previously reported the “Married To Medicine”/”Sister Circle” star filed for divorce from Dr. G after that shocking reunion when he confessed to taking a woman to a hotel room and almost getting “blackmailed” over it.

Following that Dr. G made numerous accusations against Quad including claims that they were in a sexless marriage and she moved out of their bedroom in 2014.

According to Quad, however, that’s simply untrue and she cleared the air on Hollywood Unlocked.

Quad is convinced that despite Dr. G’s claims that he didn’t sleep with a woman who later said in an interview that he was lacking severely in the penis department, he actually had oral sex with that woman in a hotel room.

“There was a young lady who came forward who he had oral sex with—I don’t believe he took the time out to get a hotel room and was not looking for anything in return,” said Quad. “I truly believe that that young lady was telling the truth.”

She also clapped back at his claims that they hadn’t had sex since 2014…

“Yes, [we are separated] and I filed for divorce too. He stated that we hadn’t had sex since the second year of our marriage. I’m in my 30s!”

and added that her husband changed after the “Married To Medicine” cameras started rolling.

According to Quad after that incident with Lisa Nicole where a glass was hurled her way, she told her husband she was unsure if she wanted to continue filming—but he insisted so that HE could get recognized by fans.

She also wouldn’t confirm or deny that he was physically abusive and instead said there were “some very dark times” in their marriage and added that it’s why she didn’t want to bring a child into the picture.

Quad has a point. Why would she bring a child into such a tumultuous situation??

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