Waitress Says Customer Left Her ‘We Don’t Tip Black People’ Note

An Applebee’s waitress in Radcliff, Kentucky said she was left a racist note instead of a tip by a customer.

Jasmine Brewer, 26, said last month four customers came into the restaurant and didn’t tip her on their $50 order, but wrote “We don’t tip Black people” on a napkin.

“It looked like they were having a rough day, like they had just been to a funeral,” she said of the group. “They ordered two 2-for-$20 meals, two Mountain Dews and two sweet teas.”

She said that she tried to make the dining experience for the group as pleasant as possible and told them to “have a nice day,” which they also returned to her.

“I did everything I could to make it good and, in the end, I was the problem,” said Brewer.

The waitress said her manager was very upset by the racist note.

She was livid and she’s white,” she said. “She is dating a black man and they have two kids together. There are a lot of biracial couples working at Applebee’s.”

Regina E. Boone, Brewer’s mother, posted a picture of the handwritten note on her Facebook page and told a local television station that her daughter has received $175 from people who saw her story.

In a statement to HuffPost, Applebee’s condemned the actions of the customer.

“All restaurant team members deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. The remarks directed at one of our franchisee’s employees are unacceptable and inconsistent with Applebee’s values as a brand,” it said in a statement.

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