Will.i.am Faces Backlash For Using His Phone During Black Eyed Peas’ Performance In Australia

Some artists prefer fans stay off their phones during concerts but will.i.am. of the Black Eyed Peas is now facing backlash for using his phone during the group’s recent show in Australia.

Following the concert, will.i.am was called out by The Australian publication who said the group “were so disinterested that will.i.am. appeared to chick his phone mid-song.” Will.i.am quickly caught wind of the tweet and fired back, clarifying that he was one his phone because he was sharing a video of the concert on social media.

Fans of the Black Eyed Peas and will.i.am also had his back, replying to The Australian‘s original tweet and defending the rapper. “He made a live stream via Instagram and his phone fell on the stage! That’s why he went to his phone,” wrote one fan on Twitter. “We felt the #love and they sound fabulous live.”

Up next for the group, the trio is gearing up for the release of their Masters of the Sun album. Set for an Oct. 12 release, the record will be their first album in over eight years and will not feature ex-member Fergie.

Via: XCL Magazine

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