Victory! Companies Ban Badger-Hair Brushes After Shocking PETA Exposé

After PETA shared a horrifying video exposé of China’s badger-brush industry with GENTS barbershop and spa, Inc., the upscale Cranston barbershop and online retailer committed to no longer buying badger-hair brushes.

GENTS stated, “We appreciate and honor the voices of activists who uphold animal rights and applaud PETA for shining a light on these cruel practices.”

The company’s wide selection of cruelty-free vegan brushes will remain available. PETA urges shoppers and retailers to follow the kind lead of these true gentlemen and stick to soft and luxurious synthetic bristles that no animal suffered for.

Procter & Gamble—the parent company of The Art of Shaving—was the first to quickly and compassionately do so. Online retailers Bonanza, based in Seattle, and Beau Brummell, based in South Hackensack, New Jersey, along with The New York Shaving Company, have all committed to banning badger hair as well.

Motivated by PETA’s latest exposé, Procter & Gamble noted that it will “stop sourcing badger hair immediately” in its Art of Shaving business and will continue to develop “non-animal alternatives.” In addition, The New York Shaving Company stated that all its future bristle purchases will be synthetic.

PETA’s exposé—which is the first of its kind and encompasses Chinese badger-hair farms and live markets visited as recently as August—shows workers beating crying badgers over the head with anything that they can find, including a chair leg, before slitting their throats.


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