Audrey Tang, World’s Only Transgender Minister Seeks To Break Barriers in Taiwan

As a transgender woman and one-time anarchist revolutionary, Taiwan’s digital minister Audrey Tang has spent her life challenging preconceptions.

Now Tang — the world’s only transgender minister — is bringing her iconoclastic approach to the job, seeking to break down barriers between government and business and help entrepreneurs find solutions to social problems.

Countries can only solve the problems they face if government, business, and the social movements to which she devoted her time before becoming a minister make common cause, she said in an interview with the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

“I think that common value finding is of utmost importance to the governance nowadays when it comes to social entrepreneurship,” said Tang, 37.

“Because otherwise, we will just have people lobbying for environmental values, for social values, for economic values, and so on without a coherent way to blend those ideas into a common value that everybody can live with.”

Since she became a minister in 2016, Tang has pledged to give social enterprises — businesses that seek to benefit society as well as making a profit — preferential access to government contracts.

The first went to Agoood Inc, which hires people with Down syndrome, to design leaflets. Since then, social enterprises have been hired to train people with disabilities and help them find jobs.

Via: Global Citizen

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