Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown has a “Hotline Bling” connection to Drake, and it’s definitely stirring up a bit of confusion.

While in Los Angeles, attending the 70th Emmy Awards on Monday (Sept. 17), the 14-year-old starlet shared details about her close relationship with the 31-year-old rapper.

“I love him. I met him in Australia and he’s honestly so fantastic,” she shared excitedly before, adding that he’s a “great friend and a great role model.”

She then went on to share that the two stay in connection via text.

“We just texted each other the other day and he was like, ‘I miss you so much,’ and I was like, ‘I miss you more,'” the 14-year-old star shared.

With an age difference of 17 years, many are left unsure how they feel about the pair having close communications. What could they possibly have in common? According to Millie, it’s mostly advice “about boys,” adding, “he helps me. He’s great, he’s wonderful. I love him.”

When asked what’s Drake’s advice about boys, Millie quickly shied away from the question replying, “that stays in the text messages.”

Uh, OK.

According to the young starlet, Millie plans to see Drake in November when he comes to Atlanta for his Aubrey and the Three Migos tour.

We honestly don’t know what we think about the fact that the two are in communication and it leaves us wondering what her parents think of the relationship.

Via: BET