Meghan Markle has been shaking things up for the royal family ever since her very Black wedding to Prince Harry.

Apparently, there are unwritten rules for royal women’s wardrobes that the Duchess of Sussex is constantly breaking.

According to the Daily Mail, the Queen makes it very clear that there is a strict code that all royal women must adhere to when it comes to their clothing at specific events.

Meghan’s grandmother-in-law is all about modesty, and even Princess Diana tried her best to follow all these royal fashion rules until her marriage to Prince Charles fell apart. But we all know Meghan Markle isn’t one for following rules.

Meghan has no problem showing off what her mama gave her: legs to die for. Apparently, the Queen prefers that all the royal ladies wear tights to public outings. We’re guessing Meghan missed the memo.

Meghan’s recent tuxedo minidress-look definitely caused quite the commotion on the internet. This little number is a no-no in the Queen’s book, since all skirts should not be above the knee.

Well, this is a little ironic. Apparently, the royals reserve wearing black in times of mourning. If that’s the case, Meghan has definitely broken this rule on multiple occasions!

Unlike the rest of the royal ladies, Meghan has no issue stepping out in a power suit. The Queen prefers that women wear dresses or skirts to public outings.

You would think that shoulders wouldn’t be all that scandalous, but in the royal family the ladies have to hide them away. Meghan’s been seen showing off her shoulders, and the Queen is not having it!

If there are no written rules, then is there really a problem with this California girl trying to express herself with these formal looks? Tell us what you all think of Meghan Markle’s royal fashion faux pas!

Via: BET