“If You Can Read, You Can Write, And When You Can Write, You Can Change The World.” This 9-Year-Old South African Author Has a Message We All Need to Hear

“If you can read, you can write, and when you can write, you can change the world.”

These are the words of Johannesburg-based author Michelle Nkamankeng who, at just 9 years old, has become a literary sensation.

Nkamankeng was just 7 years old when she made history by becoming the youngest African author to make the list of the world’s top 10 young writers. Now, as well as an award-winning author, she is also an education activist and speaker.

But it all started for Nkamankeng when she visited a local bookstore and realised that most children’s books were written by adults.

“I was like, why can’t children also explore and share their own stories with the world, for the world to hear their voices and see their imagination,” Nkamankeng tells Global Citizen. “Through telling your story, you can inspire the world and you can make people realise that they can also do more in the world.”

With such powerful self-will, Nkamankeng started working on her eight-book series, of which two have so far been released. Following her firm belief that literature is one of the most potent tools to foster change in the world, she has recently published her second book, entitled, The Little Girl Who Believes in Herself.

The book picks up from where her first book, Waiting for the Waves, left off — telling the story of a little girl named Titi who conquers her fear of waves thanks to support from her family. In The Little Girl Who Believes in Herself, Titi starts to believe she has the potential to achieve anything she sets her mind to, regardless of her gender.

With an awareness of the existing gender binaries in our everyday lives, even at her young age, Nkamankeng explains that this book aims to help young girls like herself realise their power and not allow anyone to convince them different.

Via: Global Citizen

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