FBI ‘Reviewing’ Cops Who Beat Black Man Unconscious After Police Give Them A Slap On The Wrist

It was reported that the officers who were on camera beating a man until he was unconscious at an apartment complex in Mesa, Arizona will not be charged. However, the FBI is now reviewing the case.

NBC News reports, “The FBI will assess the use of force by police in two arrests in Mesa, Arizona, including one for possible civil rights violations when a man was punched by officers who were responding to a complaint about another man, authorities said Wednesday.”

The FBI investigation was sparked after the Scottsdale Police Department recommended no charges for the officer who beat Robert Johnson, 33, until he was unconscious.

The Associated Press reported on August 27, “After reviewing hours of video, Scottsdale police said in a statement that investigators determined ‘the use of force was legally authorized and justified’ under state law.”

The officers did not mention assaulting Johnson until surveillance footage leaked.

Via: News One

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