50 Cent Pissed Off Over Photoshop Image And Wants Them Dead

Taking to Instagram, 50 shared the image of what can be dubbed “59 Cent” that brings the skittles teeth and hair to the Power star.

We also see a “59” tattoo on 50’s forehead and the jigsaw character treatment too. “Who did this,” 50 questioned in the caption. “I want you niggas on the internet dead. Fuck everybody laughing at this shit.”

The image is a poke at himself, 50’s sense of humor is unmatched. However, 50 returned to Instagram with another update and revealed how the post was being twisted against him to make him be homophobic.

“So now they’re saying I’m homophobic and making death threats because I joked about being made at a picture of me as 69,” 50 shared. “What the fuck, I love gay people I get bitches to kiss each other all the time.”

50 closed his post with “Nah for real get the fuck outta here with this.”

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