Vic Mensa Announces Shoe Giveaway In Response To Chicago Police “Bait Truck” Operation

Vic Mensa found a positive way to help Chicago communities after local police left a “bait truck” on the city’s Southside earlier in the month, to “lure poor people” into breaking the law.

Mensa and his SaveMoneySaveLife foundation plan to hold a back-to-school event at the same location where the sting operation went down, only this time the truck filled with shoes that will be donated to thousands of Chicago youth in need.

“We wanted to do something in response, but have a positive response,” Laundi Keepseagle, the executive director of SaveMoneySaveLife foundation told the Chicago Sun-Times on Thursday (Aug. 16). “We don’t want to create conflict with the police, but we do want to take a step forward, and just showcase that acts like that aren’t acceptable in communities that we care for.”

Mensa and activist Shaun King are spearheading a crowdfunding effort through Amazon, which allows anyone to purchase sneakers for the giveaway.

The foundation is also working with shoe companies, athletes and other notable faces, to garner donations and help promote the “anti-bait truck” effort.

A date for the back-to-school event will be announced after the foundation secures the shoes.

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