Bobbi Kristina’s BFF, Who Found Her In The Bathtub, Has Died From Reported Overdose

Max Lomas, the late Bobbi Kristina Brown’s friend who found her almost lifeless body in a bathtub, has reportedly died of a fatal drug overdose.

According to TMZ, a law enforcement source in Mississippi reported that Lomas was found on the bathroom floor of a friend’s house with a syringe near his body.

Prior to his death, he reportedly went to use the bathroom and when he failed to come out for some time, his friend, concerned, went to check on him and found him, unresponsive. He was immediately rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Lomas, who has ultimately suffered a similar fate to his late friend Bobbi Kristina, played a crucial role in the mystery surrounding her death as he was the one who found her clinging to life in her bathtub.

The site also reports that he spent “a significant amount of time” with Bobbi Kristina and her then-boyfriend, Nick Gordon, in the days leading up to her untimely death.

Throughout the process of putting the pieces together regarding Whitney Houston’s daughter’s passing, Lomas was accused of providing her and Gordon with drugs, an accusation which he firmly denied.

Via: BET

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