This Black Child In Florida Was Kicked Out Of School Because He Has Dreads

A father said he was forced to withdraw his son from a private Christian school in Apopka after he was told his first-grader, who has dreadlocks, would have to get a haircut to attend.

Clinton Stanley Sr. posted an eight-minute video of his conversation with school officials at A Book’s Christian Academy near Orlando Monday morning after showing up with his son for his first day of school.

“Our son just got told he could not attend the school with his hair,” he said in the video, showing the little boy. “If that’s not biased, I don’t know what is.”

The school rebuffed the idea that the boy was denied admission because of race and cited a longstanding school policy governing dress code and hair styles, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

Call A Book’s Christian Academy at (407) 884-0031 & tell them to stop discriminating against kids from diverse backgrounds.

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