Via:  NY Times

Bill Cosby sat in a courtroom here on Monday. So too, in a way, did hundreds of women who have accused other powerful men of sexual assault in recent months as the #MeToo movement swept across America.

As jury selection got underway in Mr. Cosby’s criminal trial, no one could ignore that the atmosphere surrounding the case was much different than it had been last summer, during Mr. Cosby’s first trial, before one famous figure after another fell in the face of accusations of sexual misconduct or harassment.

Judge Steven T. O’Neill made that clear as he questioned the 120 potential jurors gathered at the Montgomery County Courthouse on a variety of potential conflicts.

“Do you have knowledge, have you read or seen anything about the #MeToo movement or the allegations of sexual misconduct in the entertainment industry?” he asked.

All of the potential jurors but one — 119 people — raised the cards they use to answer questions. Yes, they had heard of the #MeToo movement.