Iowa Mom Who Said Her Children ‘Are Worthless’ Sentenced for Starving Teen Daughter to Death


Via: People

A judge made sure Nicole Finn, the 43-year-old Iowa mother recently convicted of starving her teenage daughter to death, will spend the rest of her life behind bars.

Court records obtained by PEOPLE confirm Finn appeared before a Polk County judge and learned her fate: three life sentences, to be served consecutively.

Finn was convicted in December of murder and kidnapping — charges stemming from the Oct. 24, 2016, death of her 16-year-old adopted daughter, Natalie Finn.

The mother-of-five was also convicted on two counts of kidnapping for confining two other teenagers she had adopted. She has announced her plans to appeal.

Natalie Finn weighed just 81 pounds at the time of her death. The average weight for a teen her age and height is 125 pounds. Natalie died from cardiac arrest.

Natalie stopped walking days before her death, and was found in a soiled adult diaper. Her body had many bedsores.


Joseph Finn, Natalie’s father, is also charged in the case but will be tried separately in April. His attorney could not immediately be reached for comment.




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