Boy Dies After Contact With Rabid Bat

A seemingly harmless act by curious six-year-old Ryker Roque quickly turned fatal after he was bitten by a rabid bat that was brought home by his father.

On Sunday, the Eustis, Florida, first-grader died from severe rabies at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children in Orlando, where he was hospitalized for over a week.

After he complained of numb fingers and a headache one week after being bitten, receiving a shot scared Ryker and deterred his parents from seeking immediate medical attention.

“He started developing symptoms a few weeks after he received the bite. His family realized he was having hallucinations, and convulsions, they rushed him to the ER. The doctors explained that if it was rabies, he has a 0% chance of survival,” Ryker’s GoFundMe page, set up by family members, explained. “Ryker is the most outgoing, excited boys I have ever met.”

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