Dennis Rodman Is Planning A Basketball Game Between The U.S. And North Korea To Cool Nuclear Tensions


It’s a well-known fact that former Chicago Bulls star Dennis Rodman is friends with North Korea’s dictator, Kim Jong Un.

Kim is a basketball fan, and was a particular fan of the Bulls growing up.

Rodman is a citizen of the world who is just as worried as everyone else about a nuclear war. He said not long ago that he would be more than happy to sit down his old boss Donald Trump and his good friend Kim in order to “straighten things out for everyone to get along.”

No news has emerged about that meeting, but the LA Times does now report that Rodman has some basketball diplomacy up his sleeve: he plans to host a basketball game that will see the U.S. face off against the Hermit Kingdom on the court.

“We thought, ‘This would be awesome!’” Rodman said in Beijing. The former Bull is currently in Asia on a “humanitarian tour” to promote U.S./North Korea peace.

The U.S.’ players in the game wouldn’t come from the NBA, but from Guam.

Recently, Rodman was in the country hoping to show the world that it is a safe place to visit. The island territory depends heavily on tourism, an industry the Times says has been in decline of late due to North Korean nuclear weapons threats.

“You’re safe no matter what. You’re safe no matter what. You’re safe no matter what,” Rodman proclaimed at a press conference on the island. “If you guys are concerned about if [Kim is] going to try to bomb you guys, I’m telling you guys, ‘No.’ In my eyes, no.”

Rodman also said that he spoke the head coach of Guam’s basketball team while visiting the territory, and that he was fired up about the idea of a U.S./North Korea game.

“The people of Guam are all about it,” Rodman said. “They love it. You get a team from North Korea, get these guys from Pyongyang.”

And to keep things fair, the game would be held on neutral ground. “Play it in Beijing,” Rodman said.

The former basketball star has yet to get Kim’s buy-in, however. Rodman said that he plans to discuss his idea for a game with North Korea’s ambassador to the U.N. when he returns to New York.

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