How Hackers Can Access Your Phone If You Have Your Screen Repaired


Experts have issued a warning about high-street phone repair shops after revealing hackers can gain control of devices by planting spyware in the screen.

Researchers from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, in Israel, said they were able to install special new screens on some Android phones that would allow them to take control of the devices.

The screens, which connect to the chips in the mobile, allow hackers to take pictures using the phone camera and install snooping apps.

The team told The Times that the method is more effective than traditional techniques of plugging in USB components when phones are left unattended because most people assume new screens are trustworthy and are not suspicious of repair shops.

The hackers carried out the experiment using materials costing less than £8 and said the pieces could easily be adapted to make them small enough to be untraceable to the average user.

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