Bamboo The Eco Friendly Clothing


WHAT IS BAMBOO? Bamboo Textiles can be either cloth, yarn or garments made out of Bamboo fibres. In the past, bamboo strips have been used to make stiff accessories such boning for corsets and jewellery. However, in recent years new technologies have been developed to mulch the bamboo fibre into cellulose and reconstitute it in the same way rayon is made from wood pulp.

HOW IS IS MADE? Bamboo viscose fabric is produced by taking the cellulose source of the bamboo plant, which is then dissolved in sodium hydroxide and carbon disulphide. This solution is pushed into threads through a device like a showerhead. The fibres are drawn out through an acid bath that makes them go hard, producing a viscose fibre ready for spinning.

WHAT DOES IT FEEL LIKE? Similar to a rayon or viscose, bamboo is silky and drapes heavily.

WHAT IS IT USED FOR? Mostly activewear such as socks, underpants, tights, singlets and casual dresses.

• Fast growing (can grow up to 1m per day)
• Can sequester more carbon than trees
• Strong
• Antibacterial
• Breathable
• Moisture absorbent

THE DOWNSIDE? There may be environmental problems with the cultivation of land expressly for bamboo plantations and the use of harsh chemicals to turn bamboo into usable fibre for clothing.

Source:  Eco Friendly Fashion

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