Need A Business Line? Go Daddy Makes It Easy To Add A Second Line To Your Smart Phone

Staying in touch with his colleagues.

GoDaddy’s SmartLine makes it easy to add a business phone line to your smartphone.

GoDaddy’s new SmartLine mobile app, announced via press release on Tuesday, gives professionals the ability to add a second phone number to their existing smartphone. According to the release, the app can be used by small business owners to add a dedicated business phone number with additional features.

According to a survey that GoDaddy conducted, 86% of small business owners reported using their personal phone to take business calls as well. With the SmartLine app, they’ll get a separate line, allowing them to keep using their own phone for work, without having to give out their personal number.

If a user receives a call directed toward their SmartLine number, they’ll be alerted on their phone so they can answer with the proper greeting. And, if they make a call through the app, their business number is what will show up on the recipient’s caller ID, the release said.

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Credit: Tech Republic

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