An Army Veteran Died Saving Two Teenagers From A brutal Attack In Denver


A 62-year-old Army veteran is being honored as a hero after he died saving two teenagers from a brutal attack in Denver.

According to CNN, James Farmer Jr. was sleeping in his car in downtown Denver on June 16 when he woke up and saw a homeless man attacking two teens. And so Farmer did what he thought was right, intervening to help and protect the teens, and ultimately lost his life.

Police say that the suspect in the attack, 28-year-old DeJuan Stamps, turned his attention away from the teenagers and beat Farmer to death. When police arrived, Farmer was on the ground and a man was “continually striking the victim in the chest with force.” Farmer did not even make it to a hospital. An autopsy confirmed that he died from blunt-force injuries.

His family says that Farmer was living out of his car so that he could save money, find work, and send money to his grandchildren and family in Seattle. He was planning to move back to Seattle in September and buy a home with his fiancee. Now those dreams are gone.

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