Apple Is Working On Something Secret And Big


Apple CEO Tim Cook has for the first time confirmed that the company is working on autonomous driving technology, Bloomberg reports.

Via:  Time

When asked about the tech giant’s intentions in the automotive field during a recent Bloomberg Television interview, Cook said that the company is “focusing on autonomous systems.”

Cook hinted that there are applications for Apple’s technology besides powering self-driving cars: “Clearly one purpose of autonomous systems is self-driving cars,” he said. “There are others.”

The revelation comes after rumors have circulated for years about Apple’s plans to expand more deeply into the car market. The initiative, said to be called Project Titan, was reportedly launched in 2014. Earlier reports, such as one from The Wall Street Journal, suggested that Apple was planning to develop its own electric car by 2019. But late last year, Bloomberg reported that the company switched its focus to the underlying technology that powers self-driving cars, rather than building its own vehicle from scratch.

The iPhone maker obtained a permit in April to try out three driverless SUVs on California streets, Bloomberg also reported.


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