Love Coffee? It may Reduce Cancer Risk


Good news for coffee lovers: new study finds a cup of joe reduces liver cancer risk.

Drinking just one cup of coffee a day can reduce the risk of the most common form of primary liver cancer according to new UK research — and that includes both caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee.

The study by the University of Southampton along with researchers from the University of Edinburgh analyzed data from 26 observational studies involving more than 2.25 million participants.

The team set out to look at the effect of drinking between one and five cups of caffeinated coffee a day on hepatocellular cancer (HCC), the second leading cause of death from cancer globally, due to its poor prognosis and high frequency, especially in China and Southeast Asia.

The findings showed that drinking just one cup of coffee a day was associated with a 20 percent reduction in the risk of developing HCC, two cups was associated with a 35 percent reduction, and up to five cups with a 50 percent reduction.

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