Chilli Why All Lives Matter In Her Own Words


After a year of celebs getting slammed for being uninformed about the Black Lives Matter movement, you would think that most Black celebs would think twice before being team All Lives Matter.

Chilli from TLC is the latest star to be dragged on social media for her political views and opinions about the BLM movement. While promoting the group’s upcoming album, she and T-Boz were asked by the UK’s Channel 4 News if they participated in any marches or any anti-Trump protests.

Chilli responded, “For me, All Lives Matter. With the police brutality against these young Black boys and stuff like that. All of that kind of stuff is wrong. Even if it was a Caucasian teen kid that this was happening to, it’s just not right.” She added, “I think that before people are higher in these positions, they need to do some kind of better background check on them, or mental stability check to see if they can really handle being in a position like that.”

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