South Africa & Malaysia Join Forces To Establish Source Of 18 Rhino Horns Found On Flight From Mozambique


South Africa & Malaysia join forces to establish source of 18 rhino horns found on flight from Mozambique.

South Africa and Malaysia will be collaborating to establish the source of 18 rhino horns, weighing up to 51kg, recently recovered in Kuala Lumpur.

According to wildlife trade monitoring network Traffic, the horn was found at the airport on April 7, on a flight from Mozambique.

No arrests were made.

“Malaysia’s haul marks the sixth reported rhino horn bust in the region since March, with 103 horns, weighing at least 235kg, confiscated,” Traffic reported.

“The five other seizures took place in Hong Kong, Thailand and Vietnam.

“Two of Hong Kong’s three seizures originated from Mozambique and in both cases, two men were arrested.”

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