Could Aaron Hernandez Family Receive A Big Payday Due To His Dealth?


After Hernandez was convicted of murder, the Patriots cut off all payments that were still owed to Hernandez under the final contract he signed with the team in 2012. As of 2013, the team owed Hernandez $3.25 million in bonus money and $2.5 million in guaranteed salary. Additionally, the NFL cut Hernandez off from receiving a pension from the league.

But during an appearance on CSNNE’s Toucher and Rich on Wednesday, attorney Michael Coyne argued that Hernandez’s estate might be able to get its hands on that money since the NFL and the Patriots would no longer have a legal reason to hold onto it in light of his death. Coyne said he wouldn’t be surprised if Hernandez’s lawyers went after it once “abatement ab initio” kicks in.

“The question is then: If he’s no longer criminally liable, has he violated the provisions of any of his contractual terms?” Coyne asked. “And you know, where there’s money like this involved, the lawyers will have a field day.”

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