Group Chats Will Be Easier On Facebook Now

IMG_4903Facebook is adding two new features to Messenger that could make group chats more manageable, the company announced on Thursday. The chat app will now support the ability to leave reactions on specific messages and tag individual members of a conversation, according to Time

Reactions in Messenger will work similarly to those in Facebook’s main app. Holding down on a message will pull up the list of emojis to choose from, which include symbols for love, smile wow, angry, sad, yes and no. Users will be able to see which reactions were left on a certain note and the number of people who reacted by looking at the lower corner of the message.

Those using Messenger will receive a notification when another member of the chatroom leaves a reaction on a message they’ve sent.

Facebook is also rolling out a feature that lets Messenger users tag other participants in a mention by typing the “@” symbol before his or her name. The person mentioned will receive a specific type of notification to let them know that they’ve been called out, but they can choose to turn off these alerts.

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