Raced To Death-5 Dogs Are Dead Because Of The Iditarod Race


Raced to death, five dogs are dead because of this IditaRod Race. PETA supporters lay flowers at statue in NYC Central Park.

During the Iditarod, human sled drivers, called “mushers,” are pulled through the frigid Alaskan wilderness by a team of 12 to 16 dogs. The exact path that they take, from Anchorage to the town of Nome, varies slightly from year to year, but the length is unofficially listed as 1,049 miles—about the distance from Orlando, Florida, to New York City.

Dogs are forced to run up to 100 miles a day over treacherous ice and through biting winds, blinding snowstorms, and subzero temperatures. During the grueling race, even while wearing snow booties, some dogs’ feet become cut, bruised, and raw from the vast distances of frozen terrain that they cover. Dogs suffer off the course, too. Read more:

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