Amaq, the news agency of ISIS, has published a statement from self-styled Islamic State which claims that the man who carried out the attack on Westminster was inspired by ISIS. Journalists are pointing out that the language used in the statement is important to define the degree of ISIS’s involvement in the attack.

According to CNN:  The attacker — whose rampage claimed three lives and injured 40 — had been investigated by security services but was regarded as a “peripheral figure.” Authorities did not know he was about to mount an assault, she said.
Britain’s most senior counterterror police officer said inquiries were continuing in London, Birmingham and elsewhere after the lone attacker plowed a car into crowds of people, killing two people, before stabbing a police officer dead in the grounds of the UK Parliament.
A tweet from ISIS-affiliated news agency Amaq said the attacker was “a soldier” of ISIS inspired by its message. However, ISIS has provided no evidence for any direct links to the assailant, whom it did not name.