Don’t Talk About My Body “Gabourey Sidibe”


Gabourey Sidibe Is The April 2017 Cover Star.  With a hot new season of ‘Empire’ and a memoir on the horizon, Sidibe will not be held back.

Gabourey Sidibe flashes a gold ring with her nickname “Gabby” engraved in cursive. Her first name means “the one with the beautiful cheeks” and her middle name, MaLingair, translates to “my queen” in Wolof, a native language of Senegal.

Despite it being both melodious and memorable, she claims that most people are too lazy to attempt pronouncing her given name. Still, it holds special meaning because her father, Ibnou, selected it to honor an African woman who helped raise him.

The 33-year-old actress takes a sip of an Americano before revealing some of the less endearing aspects of her childhood, including disciplinary beatings and being called “Fatso” by her father and other family members. Her doe eyes well up and teardrops roll down her face and land on her glossy lavender pout. She brushes the tears away from her cheek with her index finger.

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