Mom Of Florida Teen Who Committed Suicide On Facebook Live Blames The System


The mother’s outcry comes after Nakia was found unresponsive and eventually declared dead after hanging herself in the bathroom of her foster home in Miami Gardens circa 3 am, Sunday morning.

Responding police found the girl hanging from a scarf in the shower after being alerted by a friend who was watching her social media broadcast. Her foster parents were asleep at the time.

Before taking her own life, Nakia told friends: ‘I don’t wanna live no more.’

Addressing press, Nakia Venant mother’s lawyer, Howard Talenfeld blamed the Department of Children and Families for ignoring the warning signs and failing to properly place Nakia, who recently began exhibiting unruly behavior, had run away from home and was even hospitalized under the Baker Act at one point.

Reiterated the mother: ‘I asked the foster care people to take care of my baby and instead she killed herself on Facebook’.

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