(HUFFINGTON POST)  New Jersey Just Became The First State To Give New Parents Baby Boxes

Since the 1930s, the nation of Finland has given new parents special “baby boxes” that contain newborn essentials and can serve as infant beds. Now, new parents in New Jersey have access to the same resource, and experts believe it will help prevent infant deaths just like it has in the Scandinavian country.

The Baby Box Company partnered with New Jersey’s Child Fatality and Near Fatality Review Board (CFNFRB) to give parents durable cardboard boxes filled with diapers, clothes, baby wipes, breast pads and more. The box also contains a mattress that allows it to serve as the baby’s first bed.

Starting Thursday, new and expectant parents can register online at “Baby Box University” to receive their free box. The process requires that recipients complete the New Jersey “syllabus,” a series of videos from health professionals that educate parents on newborn care. Video topics include safe sleep, local family services, breastfeeding and more.

Once parents have finished the 10 to 15-minute educational program and passed a short quiz on the material, they are officially eligible to receive the free baby box. They can choose to pick up the box at a local distribution site or have it shipped to their home.