WATCH-Pres. Trump Discuss His Relationship With Pres Obama And A Letter Left For Him

Donald Trump Is Sworn In As 45th President Of The United States

Keeping with tradition, Barack Obama left an Inauguration Day letter to his successor, Donald Trump.

In his first interview since taking office, which aired Wednesday, Trump detailed some of the topics in the epistle to ABC News’ David Muir.

“This was the letter given to me by President Obama. I won’t show to you or read it to you, but a – just a, a beautiful letter,” the president said.

“It was long, it was complex, it was thoughtful, and it took time to do it,” Trump said, noting that it was “well-written” as well.

Sealed in an envelope that was addressed to “Mr. President,” the letter appeared to be a single page in length. Obama was pictured placing the letter in the Oval Office, hours before the start of presidential inaugural festivities on Jan. 20.

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