How Malaria Fighters Are Shaping Guinea’s Post-Ebola Health System

In March 2014, health officials in Guinea reported the first 86 cases of what would become the largest Ebola epidemic on record. Over the next two years, the outbreak would spread across the region, overwhelming fragile health systems and claiming more than 11,000 lives.

Yet the official death toll is only half the story.

Not counted among Ebola’s victims were the thousands of Guineans who, fearful of becoming infected, stayed away from health facilities only to succumb to other illnesses. Though the outbreak is over, the fear remains.

Now, as the government works to restore confidence in the health system, officials are focusing on services at the community level, and they’re taking cues from a project with a proven record of success — an effort to combat malaria in Guinea that has harnessed the collective power of the people.